Assigning prefixes to terminating GWs

Hi all,

we have configured 3 gateways as Terminating GW. All calls are coming to Yeti with certain prefixes, like 1010+MSISDN. How we can assign prefixes to the terminating gateways? So if incoming call has a prefix 1010 it is routed via term GW-A, if 1011 then via term GW-B.

Currently, we have configured the prefixes in cust_auth and we noticed that the calls are successfully coming in, but they are randomly assigned to the terminating GWs we have configured.

Thank you

You have to strip tech prefixes in customer auth using translation rules and use different routing plans to route calls in different way. other option - use same routing plan but assign different routing tags

You are doing something wrong. Yeti choosing termination gateways according to dialpeers configuration so it shouldn’t be “random”