Auth with dynamic IP

Hi, I’m new to this, and I was not sure if there is any way to permit authentication for a customer via just user/pass instead of IP, in case the customer has a dynamic IP address, kinda like in asterisk, ignoring the IP field of Customer Auth. I have tried using the gateway incoming auth username and pass, but it still finds the customer through the IP.

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see Incoming auth username/Incoming auth password gateway attributes.

Yes, I put a username and password on Gateways->Signaling, and then check Require incoming auth on Customers Auths, and then I can register directly from a softphone from my office, but it still forces me to put an IP address on Customers Auths, and if it doesn’t match my office’s address it returns * [Cant find customer or customer locked]*.

What I was asking is if there is some way to register from anywhere and have it associated to the account via the username/pass instead of the IP address specified on Customers Auths.

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you may use to allow any IPv4 address

Thanks, it’s working now, but I see that the auth username is not a unique key, what would happen if 2 gateways have the same auth username? I’ve just tested it and it seems that it chooses the first listed gateway of the two. Would making the field unique solve the problem?

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