Background Process Stuck


I marked all the Contractors and deleted them 5 hours ago and Yeti is still processing the task. Please find the attachment of the background tasks.

The background process is still stuck since yesterday.

Looks like your contractors have dependent objects - accounts/gateways/dialpeers …

i have deleted the dialpeers, Cleaned it and uploaded new Dialpeers for a Different Contractor but still the background process is running ?
is there any way i can kill the job ?

The Delayed Job is using 100% of the CPU, How do i kill and stop the process ?

Looks like your delayed job process still importing some data in background. You can kill it using kill command, but also you should manually remove task from delayed_jobs table

Can you please share the command ? i tried killing it with the PID but it did not work, also i need to delete the task from database ?

how do i force stop the delays jobs ? it is still running since past 2 days.

any luck ?

could you show current content of background tasks table?

here is the current content.

Looks like a bug. I will try to reproduce this situation. You can try to remove this task by SQL:

delete from sys.delayed_jobs where id in(255,258);

and restart delayed job processes.

the sql command removed the Background Task, Thanks.