Call Capacity on Yeti

I was trying to do a load test, currently Yeti is only processing 100 calls, the server config is 8 core xeon 16GB ram, i changed Sems.conf CPS to 1000 and max connections on DB to 10000, but still its not taking calls more than 100.

max connections on DB to 10000

This is wrong configuration. set connection pool size to 16.

Are you saying about 100 cps or 100 concurrent calls?

this is also bad idea. Remove such limits from configuration.

could you also explain this phrase? Do you see CDRs for such calls? What SIP response do you see for new calls?

I mean 100 concurrent Calls. No i do not see the CDR but my vicidial is sending 200 calls.

200calls is pretty low load. How you are checking calls amount? What sip disconnect codes have been received for rejected calls?

Yeti (Sems) is not accepting any calls itself, i am receiving 503 on my Vicidial

Could you show trace of such call ( with 503 response)?

i’ll capture a trace tomorrow and update here.