Calls connected but legA DTMF not pass to legB


We are newbie to Yeti. We are able to setup Yeti with SEMS and g729. Calls are working normal.

However, we ran into a problem that DTMF is not passing from legA to legB. We did capture call pcap and seeing DMTF from legA but not passing to legB.

Please help if we are misconfigured SEMS or Gateway settings.


Ensure that codec groups configured on gateways(origination and termination) contains telephone-event payload. Gateway’s DTMF send mode and Dtmf receive mode should be RFC2833.

@kevintran could you also share .pcap trace if it is possible.

Thanks dmitry.s

URL for pcap file

There is no telephone-event at your codec group. You have to add it.

It takes a few minutes for SEMS to update Gateway updated codec group.

It works now. Thanks so much

Another question: can Yeti web set gateways to have direct RTP/media between customer & vendor?

Yeti/SEMS will be signaling proxy only.

Thanks so much dmitry

No. Such mode has not implemented yet.