Calls Failing With G729


I am sending calls with only G.729 codec and Yeti is failing the calls with 488 Not Acceptable Here 488 Codecs not matched, The provider is accepting calls with G.729 but Yeti is failing Calls with 488.

In order to use g729 you need to install additional sems module from package sems-modules-g729-bcg
Then you should add module g729bcg to load_plugins at /etc/sems/sems.conf


is there any how to guide for this ? As i am new to Ruby.
Thank you.

@dmitry.s, thank you for the info, I installed through apt-get and changed the sems.conf to add module g729bcg and now its working great!!

Thanks again, Please close this TT

Hi amitiyer
Please how did you install through apt-get?
Can you provide more details on the commands you ran?

sudo apt-get install sems-modules-g729-bcg -y

Edit /etc/sems/sems.conf
under modules above module “registrar_client” {} add the below line. Restart SEMS or the server


module “g729bcg”{}