CDR Export via API

Hi Yeti community. Hope all of you are doing well.
I’m looking for features to get/export/list CDR’s via API for use in external systems. I see that we have such options but for Customer API. There is nothing like that in the Administration API to fetch CDR history for any/all customers/vendors. Only delete and create entries.
Maybe I missed something, but please help me understand how I can do it.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Currently admin API allow only create CDR Export object - this is background task to create CSV file with CDRs.

There is no resource in admin API to fetch CDRs directly so if you need it - development required.

Thank you very much @dmitry.s for reply. I need to think how can I use exported CDR (csv file) with my external system.

could you add details what exactly you want to do in external system with CDRs?

Sorry for delayed reply @dmitry.s
I am going to use own/custom billing system and Yeti Switch is simply going to be used to route calls based on LCR and route priorities. End users and vendors will be on our side/in our system and their accountancy will be done externally. That’s why I need at least daily (or twice per day) parce CDR’s to my current system.

In this case use CDR export is bad idea. For this task pgq processor should be used that will send CDRs to your remote billing once it was wrote to DB

I briefly spoke with our developers and for them it is acceptable by API create CDR Export objects/tasks and later copy generated csv from Yeti and process it locally. Thank you very much @dmitry.s

there are many drawbacks in this solution

  • huge latency and very big overhead
  • hard to guarantee that all CDRs exporter/uploaded to remote system.

pqq processor instead much better for this task because CDR will be posted to remote HTTP endpoint in 1-3s after writing + there is queue so it will be much easier to avoid data loss.

@dmitry.s I don’t need a “real time” CDR/billing. Once a day is OK for our case. From Yeti we will need daily CDR exports using API based CDR Export objects. Do you think it will not be guaranteed?

You have to wait until all calls started at previous day will be completed before export CDRs in this case.

Yes, I know. I am going to generate CSV exports for example every night 02 AM for the previous day. It will be off peak time for overheat and previous day calls will be finished.