Control of providers by minutes sent

Hello good mornig for everyone,

I have a Yeti installed, and I have a problem with a provider. The provider gives me three gateways and tells me that it only allows me to spend 40 minutes a day through them.

The controls that are in the yeti are by LCR, ACD, ASR etc…
But I don’t know how I can set a limitation for minutes consumed by the gateway. I also don’t know if this is possible.

If it is, I would like to know how I can test that this limitation works. The issue is that it has to go in round robin mode, so that traffic can pass through all three, but at the same time we have to have control of the minutes elapsed, so that if a gateway reaches the limit of 40 minutes, that same deactivated and can send to those who still have minutes, we need the minutes to be consumed equally in each of the 3 gateways

Greetings and many thanks to all…

Hi. There is no built-in features for this. But it is possible to implement it in external script using Admin API - you could count call duration via gateways and disable gw using Admin API Admin API

You can create three accounts for same provider. One account for one gateway.

Use the max balance feature to stop the calls. Min balance is like credit limit for customers, while max balance is same for vendors.

Since you are looking to stop traffic when it gets to a certain duration, you’ll need to set the initial and next rate to 1. That way your vendor balance reflects the minutes (rather than monetary value) terminated on the vendor.