Dialpeers Force Hit Rate


I’m trying to balance four dialpeers with the Force Hit Ratio field, as I read in the documentation, putting 0.35, 0.25, 0.2 and 0.2 values respectively (all of them 100 priority), but I see every call going through the 0.35 dialpeer first. Isn’t it supposed to work like gateway’s ‘weight’ option and only have 35% chance of choosing that dialpeer or I misunderstood something?

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What routing plan sorting algorithm is configured?

Prio,LCR,ACD&ASR Control

try routing simulation and check that all 3 your route will appear in routing results.

Yes, all of them appear, and if the first one fails, it goes through the second, etc. The problem is that it always chooses the 0.35 force hit rate one as the first, instead of choosing it the 35% of times. For example, if I filter mobile calls on the CDR History, with routing_attempt=1, it only shows calls going through that dialpeer, instead of showing some going through the other three as their first attempt (with 25%, 20% and 20% chance respectively).

currently force hit rate is working only for sorting modes:

  • QD-Static, LCR, ACD&ASR control
  • Static only, No ACD&ASR control