DIalpeers - Longest Match not working

my first problem with Yeti Switch, sometimes Longest match in Dialpeers is not working as it should, mostly it works but for some routes it doenst and I have no clue why.

Prefix: 49123456
Destination: First PBX

Prefix: 4912345602
Destination: Second PBX

When I now dial 4912345602 I reach First PBX not second.
Price is the same (0 as its incoming) and Routing Plan / Group is also the same.
Sorting is: Prio,LCR, ACD&ASR control

But as I said everything is the same, also Prio. Is there any explanation? I thought in some kind of caching the old prefix (the shorter one existed longer time) and used the “Clear Cache” function under Nodes but didnt work. Any Ideas?

there is no such caching. I think your problem caused by different vendors in your dialpeers. Yeti doing longest match for dialpeers from each vendor independently.

Awesome, thank you very much that did it.