Disconnect Codes passed to originator

Hello, there’s a problem with setup of disconnect codes, even if it’s set to not pass reason to originator, it equally pass the error to him.
For example “Dialpeer $id overloaded” is passed to originator even if “pass reason to originator” is set to NO.
Every settings are as defaults, I didn’t touch anything.

documentation said:

Dialpeer $id overloaded is not received from termination gw, it generated internally.

yes, it’s an internal reason but it’s passed to originator.
I have the originator sip log response received from yeti:
SIP/2.0 480 Dialpeer 1293288 overloaded

Maybe I understand that internal reasons are passed to originator, only termination reasons are not. But it should not send these details to originator. I rewrited the response with another message. Thank you

and I don’t understand why you put the toggle which says “pass reason to originator” if that toggle doesn’t work for internal reasons codes