Equipment -> Registrations

Hello Everyone,
Yeti Switch installation 1.11


6 Providers registrations defined under Equipment → Registrations

If I restart SEMS it send registrations cleanly to all providers and get 200 OK following 401 from provider, but on expire yeti-switch REGISTER then provider send 401 and yeti-switch send REGISTER with digest , but it not accepted by provider anymore and all REGISTRATIONS are in fail or pending mode until yeti restarts.

Any help how to troubleshoot the issue, thank you.

Issue has been resolved, by downgrading SEMS packages.

There are no enough details to say anything. Could you provide traces?

Yes, please provide email. I will send some debug snippets.

To downgrade

apt update; apt install sems=1.50.0 libsems1=1.50.0 sems-modules-base=1.50.0 sems-modules-yeti=1.11.14core50

Candidate is in question.

root@sbc0:~# apt-cache policy sems 
  Installed: 1.50.0
  Candidate: 1.53.5
  Version table:
     1.53.5 500

This problem was fixed in 1.12 branch.

Hello Dmitry,
Thank you for update, Everything seems ok so far .