Errors with the jobs option

Good morning to all,
For a month I have been testing your technology and I want to tell you it is quite good.
I have installed a yeti as follows. and I want you to tell me if the structure is ok.
1 - Server with WEB + DB Routing
1 - Server with DB CDR
1 - Server with Yeti Managemnet + Redis
1 - Server with SEMS

Calls go well and I have traffic working, but I have several problems:

  1. “Active Calls 24 hours” do not work on the Dashboard (I understand that the other two tabs do not work either)
  2. (and this if it is important), it does not discount the cost of the calls neither to clients nor providers. which causes me a serious problem.
  3. In the System >> Jobs part, none of the options are active, I can only run them but I cannot activate them.

I have followed the installation instructions of your own website with version 1.10

Thank you very much for the answers that can help me get it working.

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I am having the same problem. Mine is an all in one setup.

Jobs under > Systems>Jobs have to be run manaully to work, As a result my Active Calls Dash is not working.

This started after i enabled my public IP for API access
Kindly Assist.

pgqd is not running or cdr_billing is not running.

ps aux | grep pgq
ps aux | grep cdr_billing

Check here (The account balance is not being deducted from any of the accounts)

pgq is running
cdr_billing is running

Accounts rating is working and deducting accounts. i have no pending jobs. however Jobs like schedulers, email reports etc are not working. I havr to run there manually in System>Jobs

these processes are not related to schedulers/jobs.

Do you have cron running on your system?