Fail Update to 1.12

I am carrying out the steps to update my yeti from version 1.11 to 1.12, when I carry out the step after installing the web, the installer returns the following error

yeti-web@billing:~$ RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/ exec rake db:migrate
Config validation failed:

calls_monitoring: is missing
partition_remove_delay.cdr.cdr: must be a string
partition_remove_delay.auth_log.auth_log: must be a string
partition_remove_delay.rtp_statistics.rx_streams: is missing
partition_remove_delay.rtp_statistics.tx_streams: is missing
partition_remove_delay.logs.api_requests: must be a string

Can you tell me how to solve this error?

thank you

your config is not correct. Looks like you haven’t completed this step WEB interface installation — Yeti documentation

thank you very much, i got it working now
I had an error in the yeti_web.yml configuration file