Feature || Request || SIP Trace

Is there a way to store the SIP Traces (wireshark) on a remote server ? So it does not use the Disk Space ?

any suggestions on this ?

Such feature already implemented. I will add configuration how-to to documentation.

Thank you Dimitry.

I often use Homer from sipcapture.org to capture and display SIP call flows. Most OSS Proxies and b2bua have HEP support for direct feed the SIP Infos into Homer. But you can also use captagent to collect such Infos and feed them. Try the docker variant it works well.


  1. we have build-in support of pcap storing. You don’t need any external software to have pcap traces.
  2. yeti support HEP as one of Sensor protocol https://yeti-switch.org/docs/en/yeti-ui-system/yeti-ui-system-sensors.html

Hi dimitry,

Ah HEP support is super. I am new to yeti-switch.org and I am reading the docs and the community threads right now. In my freeswitch and Kamailio based setup is Homer an nice and central place for the other guys in my team to start troubleshooting.

Yeti-switch seems to be an nice uac register capable sbc.

Are there plans for an docker style setup for some components?