Force Customer to use specific nodes

Using Kamailio as sip proxy, is there a way to assign specific nodes to customers? For example customer 1 can use node 2 and 3, while customer 2 can use only nodes 1 and 2.
Thank you

You can bind specific customer auths to POPs – that would be the only way I can think of.

Kamailio know nothing about customers(this knowledge is result of authorization process which performed on node). But you can use different nodes depends on origination IP.

So do you suggest to manage this on kamailio side?

It depends on use case. Why you need this?

Because I need to force some customers to use only some nodes from a specific location, to decrease latency and stuff like that

in this case you can provide customer multiple endpoints or implement this logic on lb.

Ok I’ll do it on LB because I want to give just a single ip. Thank you