How to configure src number pool and rotate numbers


How to configure src number pool and rotate numbers?

src:1000=> src:800001-800010,
Cycle the calling number from 800001 to 800010

you could use numberlist with mode random and add items with different rewrites. It will not be rotation, but random equal distribution.

Thank you very much for your reply!
If the src number is 11111111, 222222, 12121212, 23121339, non-consecutive number
How do I write “Default src rewrite result” ?
I tested it a lot and it didn’t work.

create 4 numberlist items with src rewrite rule ^(.*)$ and src rewrite results:

  • 11111111
  • 222222
  • 12121212
  • 23121339

use mode random in numberlist configuration

Thank you for your reply!
I tested your method
This configuration random numbers can be realized
The configuration method is complicated!
If can configure numbers in “SRC rewrite Results” ,that is much better!

And is it possible to add “rotate” mode?