Import Network Prefix


I am trying to import a rate file of my provider and some of the prefixes are not in the System Network Prefix and that’s why the rates are not being uploaded.

How do i import the System Network Prefix, There is no option to import.

Dialpeer/Destination prefix is not related to System Networks, so missing System Network can’t be reason of such issue. Seems you prefix field contains space symbols. Could you attach example of CSV file that causes problem?

please find the csv dialpeer below.

Your file contains spaces in prefix field:

Id,Enabled,Locked,Prefix,Priority,Force hit rate,Exclusive route,Initial interval,Initial rate,Next interval,Next rate,Connect fee,Lcr rate multiplier,Gateway name,Gateway group name,Routing group name,Vendor name,Account name,Valid from,Valid till,Acd limit,Asr limit,Short calls limit,Capacity,Src rewrite rule,Src rewrite result,Dst rewrite rule,Dst rewrite result,Reverse billing,Routing tag names,Routing tag mode name
,TRUE,FALSE,31 ,100,,FALSE,1,0.006,1,0.006,0,1,MN,,MN,MN,MN,,,0,0,1,,,,,,TRUE,,OR

Removing the Space solved the issue.