Importing Dialpeers redirecting to wrong page

Hi, We have noticed an issue with yeti-web, when wanting to import our dialpeers we are being directed to the importing_gateway page, http://[hostname]/importing_gateways. we can manually put in the dialpeer_import into the URL but it says to finish our previous import.

We have two rigs, one Test and one live, this is happening on both, I have removed any background tasks from the database running on the test rig, and updated yeti-web to the latest version but we are still getting this same error.

I followed the documents on the install procedure for yeti-web,

root@yeti:/# apt update
root@yeti:/# apt install yeti-web
root@yeti:/# cd /home/yeti-web
root@yeti:/home/yeti-web# RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/ exec rake db:migrate
root@yeti:/home/yeti-web# RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/ exec rake db:second_base:migrate
reboot then ran the ‘rake db:migrate’ again
restarted all yeti-web services

Sems was already at the correct settings as our previous version was 1.7.8.
This still didn’t resolve the issue, I was wondering if there is anything else that i am required to do or have missed something.

could you try to remove old session data directly by SQL:

delete from data_import.import_gateways;

and try to do fresh import?

Hi Dmitry, doing “delete from data_import.import_gateways;” seems to of resolved that thank you