Invoicing payments

Hello, is there a way to create invoices based on payments? At the moment you can basically invoice for minutes generated, like a postpaid services, I would like to create invoices for prepaid payments done in a time range.
Thank you

We are generating invoices based on amount of consumed services. Currently we have only one such service - calls. What idea of including payments to invoice?

Hello, I was meaning to create invoices based on payments only. The whole month of march we received 10 payments of 100 euro, so we create an invoice of 1000 euro for the whole month.

Why you need this?

because in this way for every payment we receive we have a detailed report on invoice. If we receive 100 euro we must create an invoice for 100 euro.

This explanation looks like “we need this because we need this”). Could you explain why? In what use case you don’t want invoice based on service usage? Or you want to add additional info in invoice, like “payments received during billing period”?

Billing in a time period is like a post-paid service invoicing to me. So every week a customer receive this kind of invoice, he pays the weekly amount and for the billing invoice we have the exact payment transaction.

I would like to invoice as a prepaid service: a customer make a payment and every week the invoice generator include the weekly payments and add call details as an info.

For my accountant is better the second way of billing, that’s all.
Thank you