Issue importing dialpeer


I believe I’m experiencing an issue when importing dial peers

Whenever I import, the initial rate and next rate columns do not come through, they just show up as blank. I do not believe that it is a matter of file format as even if I export the current dial peers and re-import the exact CSV from the export, the two rate columns do not make it.

I have tried quoting them and unquoting them, no difference.

As a software engineer myself, I would SUSPECT that this has to do with the fact that these numbers are very very small and there’s some floating point/string casting type issue – an example rate might be 0.0013.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a fix?

This is my version string
Copyright 2023 Yeti Admin ver: 1.11.20. Routing ver 20210606143950. CDR ver 20210614110059.

Such problem can’t be caused by any casting type issues - we are not using floats for rates.

  1. There is zero details that allow us to understand issue. Could you provide CSV file at least.
  2. 1.11.20 is old version, even if there is bug, we will not provide fix for it in 1.11 branch.

Thank you for replying

I was going to upload a sample CSV but it says new users can’t upload attachments.

I will try upgrading first.


when I import Destinations and Dialpeers, on the first screen, Initial Rate and Next Rate are always empty, as soon as I have finished importing, they are filled, this is alway confusing but it works (also on 1.11.20, waiting for Upgrade Docs finished)