Issue while exporting SIp trace


When i click on Full Trace i get the below page, I have enabled SIP Dump in customer auth and i got the trace on the CDR but while exporting it, it gives me the below screen.

If your web interface is located on same server with SEMS try to change nginx configuration, location ~ ^/dump/(.*)$ should looks like:

location ~ ^/dump/(.*)$ {
                set $filename $1;
                proxy_hide_header Content-Disposition;
                add_header Content-Disposition 'attachment; filename="$filename"';
                root /var/spool/sems;

Thank you, This worked.
One more question, How do i enable SIP trace for Provider Gateway, currently i enabled trace from customer auth so it only gives me customer leg trace.

so it only gives me customer leg trace.

You are wrong. Trace file will contain all legs of call authorized by particular customer auth record.

Yes, sorry i did not check the trace completely.
Thank you. Please close this.