LNP configuration questions

Hi team.
I have been working in production with the system for a few months now and I find it great, I use kamailio as a proxy and 4 nodes with sems and it works very well.


I currently use porting but I had to do it outside of the yeti-switch system, I did it in Kamailio.
I can’t manage to implement everything related to LNP in Yeti-Switch.

Could you help me with examples of the configuration steps for this.
I currently use SIP 301/302 redirects for this

Thank you

I’m trying to do the same exact thing – can’t seem to make all the pieces work together.

Hi team.
My configuration is the following.



For any query the service responds:

SIP/2.0 503 No response from LNP DB

And I don’t see any connection going out to the server that responds to LNP

Grateful in advance for your support

I finally managed to configure LNP (SIP 301/302 redirect) against a Kamailio server that has the database logic for the number portability queries.
I’m testing how well it works since I went from having the registers in memory (Redis) to having them in postgresql as handled by Yeti-Switch

Hey, just to confirm. You didn’t actually get Yeti LNP working but instead did it through Kamailio?

Hi Samuel
I made Yeti query an external server via SIP302 and I made that service in kamailio

I don’t know if it’s the order or my explanation is good, but what I did was the following:

System → LNP Resolvers → ip and port lnp resolver
vim /etc/yeti/lnp_resolver.cfg → listening data and connection to the database where the cache will be hosted
Equipment → Lnp Database → SIP connection

New Routng group
New Routing plan use lnp
LNP Routing Plan

Match “rn” to route plan

The expected responses are of the type


I then connected that to a sip server redirect that I made with kamailio


Currently lnp resolver component is not publicly available.

Thanks for the details! It looks like the LNP Resolver was removed from github, so that’s the part I’m missing to get it working. It seems to work for you, so I’m not sure why it was removed.

It’s possible that it was removed after I installed my system.

I have the holy grail!!