LNP for version 12, yeti-lnp-resolver repo has been deleted?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying to piece together how to get LNP working as the documentation doesn’t go into any detail. There was a repo called yeti-lnp-resolver which has been deleted within the last year and from reviewing updates to yeti-pg-ext it seems there is work to move the LNP resolve functions over to that package for the next major version 13 of Yeti.

So, how I can I set up LNP on version 12 right now, if it’s even still possible? Or should I be updating to 13? You can define an LNP resolver under System → Components → LNP resolvers but I’m not sure what that should point to.


Currently lnp resolver component is not publicly available

Is there any roadmap for when it might be public? I’m going to need an LNP lookup system in about 6-12 months. I could probably build something outside of Yeti in Kamailio etc but that would mean Yeti would not be doing outbound call routing anymore and would lose all the detail in the CDR.

So I’d much prefer to do within Yeti and I’m happy to wait until the next iteration of the LNP resolver is ready.