Lock Dialpeer Codes

I can’t find a way to leave a dialpeer enabled and locked if hitted, on destinations part the toggle seems enabled (Reject calls) but on dialpeers side there’s the field “Locked” but I can’t find a way to set from “No” to “Yes”.
Can you please tell me how to do it? Thank you

If you set ACD, ASR or Short Call Limits and the limit is reached, this locks the Dialpeer.
Why not simply disable the Dialpeer when not in use?

You can also specify a disabled contractor or gateway and the cals will still be rejected.

Thank you for your reply!

If I just disable 447 and I enable only code 44, all calls to 447 would pass as that will not be blocked because they match the pattern 44.
Or at least it seems it’s working like that.
What I would need to do is to block all calls matching 447.
Thanks a lot

No, it will not work in this way. Disabling dialpeer 447 will exclude vendor from routeset for call destinations 447x

So if I have just one termination and 1 dialpeer set to 44, and i call 447 the call would be routed as 44 prefix, right?
Then if I have 2 dialpeers, one 44 enabled and one 447 disabled, if i call 447 the call would not pass? Is that correct?

yes. but only if such dialpeers have same vendor and routeset discriminator.

Ok, that’s great thank you