Long setup times on node

Good morning,

Yesterday I’ve upgraded the yeti-switch to version 1.8.6.
As of this morning we appear to have an issue with nodes taking a long time to setup a call.
It looks like it is unable to setup the connection the first time after which it falls back, my gut feeling says that it’s a DNS related issue since it is resolved if you wait for a while.
Consequent calls also appear to be immediate a short timespan after.

When we look at the call flow you can see a clear delay.
Here is the flow between the PBX and the node itself. Showig ~25 seconds between connecting and ringing.

Below the flow between the node and the upstream carrier, which only starts the invite process after ~20 seconds.

Is there any specific log from which I can get more information regarding this routing delay?

Thank you.

could you share pcap trace stored by yeti for this call?

Looks like rerouting. Could you show also CDRs for this call?

There’s only one CDR entry logged into the CDR history.
I’ve sent you the PCAP via private message.