Min balance reached issue

Hello, right know if a customer reaches the min balance limit, all calls connected are disconnected.
is it possible to add a toggle for choosing between “force disconnect all current calls” and “wait for calls to end” once the customers reached the min balance limit?

What would happen if a provider reaches the max balance? Is it happening the same?
Thank you

So this is a feature request. Have you tried the check account balance toggle in Customer Auth ?

Hello, thank you for your reply, I’ve tried what you suggest and it’s partially working.
For example if I put 1 euro to customer, start the call and remove the 1 euro while in call it behaves normally, call continues until it reaches 7200 or is manually closed.
But If I put like 5 cents for a call that costs 10 cents/minute the call duration is 30 seconds and then stops.
I think it’s because the system calculates maximum duration of a call based on money available at that moment, is it right?
So unchecking the toggle is it also possible to let start calls checking only if balance is > 0 and set session limit to his standard 7200 seconds?
Thank you

Yeti disconnects calls to avoid balance go lower then min_balance configured on account. Could you explain use case why you want to allow balance less then min_balance.

If one of our good customers finish his credit and someone by our side forgot to add an overdraft I would like to stop new calls while gracefully end the connected ones. Forcing calls to close is ok but I’d prefer to be less drastic :slight_smile: