No Phonenumber in Contact Header

we have an Issue with one of our carriers at the moment (ReInivites not arriving from Carrier to us). Suport of Carrier points our that the Contact Header is wrong. Contact Header of Outgoing Calls are linke:

Contact: sip:;transport=udp

Carrier requests that Contact Header should look like:

Contact: sip:+412121323232@;transport=udp

So contain the number, I see INVITES to us fro other carrier withe the same header as Yeti uses. So that means the header is not wrong, but as said, other Carrier requests Number in Contact header. Is there a way to configure Yeti Switch for this?


According to RFC contact headed in INVITE request contains UAC address - IP address,port and transport where UAC expect to receive incoming requests. Number there is useless so yeti doesn’t support it. Currently it is not possible to send number there.

Most cases when carrier asking for number there happens during troubleshooting process when they don’t know exactly why call failed(and in most cases issue is not related to contact userpart)