Number list nit working

I am trying to use Number list function but it is not working. I have created a list named “A” and it allows calls and mode is strict number match - but no matter what number is in the item list all calls are allowed.

I tried creating another list called “B” which rejects all calls with same mode ( Strict number match) and when I apply it all calls are rejected.
So looks like Yeti is not checking the Number list items at all and just allows or rejects calls base on the Number list action. What am I missing here ?

No. This is not how it works.

What am I missing here ?

It is not possible to say until you will share what exactly you created. What actions you configured in numberlist and items?

I am trying to create a whitelist - So all number in a list will be routed through a specific Gateway ( lets call it GW1)
I have crated a list called “A” Mode is “Strict number match” and action is set to allow. In the number list items I have added phone numbers that I want to be routed with this route
for example : 01144111111 Action is set to allow again.

In Gateways section for GW1 on the translating tab and for Termination dst numberlist I have chosen List “A”
By doing this I am assuming if I dial 01144111111 it will be routed on GW1 and if I call 011442222222 it will NOT
But both numbers are routed to GW1.

I hope that is clear - I tried the exact opposite thing by making a reject list but got same result ( all calls got rejected)

To create whitelist default action should be reject and action in item - allow.

I have tried that too. It rejects all calls - no matter if the number is in the item list or not.

then share you configuration. it still not clear what exactly you configured - provide screenshots.
Also you could provide routing simulation logs.

Hi Again
Routing simulation result is as follows but the call goes through and it works

  • WARNING: Adding LNP resolvers sockets: . Resolver timeout: 1000ms
  • 13.213 ms → Execution start
  • 13.213 ms → Got originator address “X.X.X.x:5060, proto: 1” from switch leg info
  • 15.67 ms → AUTH. lookup started
  • 18.164 ms → AUTH. disconnection with 110.Cant find customer or customer locked

Here is the senario

So Lets say I have a GW for UK Called UKGW1 and I want to have a whitelist for it. I have uploaded 2000 numbers as a CSV to Number list item ( all set to allow) and created a “number list” called UKALLOW with rejects the calls ( as you said)

Can you tell me what I am supposed to do here ? Only numbers that are in the whitelist should be routed to UKGW1 and if a number is not in the list should be rejected by the GW

With proper configuration only calls from/to numbers present in numberlist items will be routed to this GW. for other calls this gw will be skipped.
I don’t know what you supposed to do - I have no way to validate your config because you are not providing it.
Your routing simulation log also useless - it rejects call on auth step and there is no any numberlist processing details.

Can I email you the screenshots ? I dont want to share it here

you could send me in private message

Thank you so much Dmitry for all your help - It is working now

In case anyone else has the same problem, I was doing translation on the Dial peer Level and not GW so I had to add Items with Provider’s prefix - So lets say calls have to go out with prefix 6682 then you have to add the number as 668244XXXXXX and not 01144XXXXXXXXX