Whether somebody is using this Yeti option - PcapRecoder ?
I’m trying to start but don’t have success.
Have compiled last version from github.
Follow instractions from documentation,but … nothing :’(

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Install yeti as described in documentation(using deb packages) and you will be able to enable pcap tracing in CustomerAuth configuration:

and download pcap files for each CDR.

I’m using only sems part by yeti-switch ,without yeti module and web gui.
If I understand correct,cannot work without CustomerAuth and CDRs ?
Is it true ?

Have you developed your own SEMS application/module?

Using your SEMS (YETI) + old SBC module from SEMS with some changes .
In the our platform using the call control and some other elements from the old SBC module.
I’m VoIP/telecom eng. I’m not professional programmer :-).
Can make only some changes . :slight_smile:

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So this question related to your sbc module not yeti. As I know old sbc module also supports pcap tracing, you can try to enable it using msg_logger_path profile variable. See sbc: log messages in pcap format · sems-server/sems@7ed026c · GitHub