Random questions: Test call A-Z - Add https certificate - auth spam


I have a few pending questions If I may ask them a t once:

  • Besides simulation, to test if a new route is working fine, before sharing that with customer, how can I test that the full scenario is working A-Z (from dialing to ringing) ? From what I understood I need a full server with an Asteriks like ecosystem to test which is a pity. Unless there’s another way to easily launch test calls ? please advise (some app, or some Dockerized solution you might now)

  • I’d like to add to move yeti to a subdomain yeti.example.com with a certificate (certbot). I haven’t found any step to do that safely, but even when proceeding I am wondering if there should be any extra config for yeti should be adapted so it can continue to work properly ?

  • Finally, we are being hammered non stop with auth requests as you can see below, is there anyway to stop that ? change default port maybe ?


  • Why not use usual softphone to make tests? Or you looking for automated solution?
  • certbot should work without problem
  • Changing port will help only temporary(bots will find new port). You could use firewall or blocking logic on load balancer(looks like you are not using load balancer currently).
  • Can you advise a name ? needed for manual tests only
  • Noted, I will give it a try then
  • No load balancer indeed since it is only 1 server and saw no need for it. UFW is already active but all I can do is block the port which solves the issue and then nothing works xD Unless I can do something else ? Or if a LoadBalancer is more suited I can install it as well

I am using twinkle, linphone, baresip for linux.

Load balancer(kamailio) allows you to implement some blocking logic but you have to be familiar with kamailio. Simple solution is firewall - you may allow SIP/RTP traffic only from known trusted IPs.