Ready Docker Images

Dear community,

I hope you can point me to a place where I could find ready made docker images or Helm chart to run a distributed yeti-switch setup. I tried building my own but failed to start the ui and send node even the setup calls during docker build work on an vm.

Thank you for any pointers in advance already.

We are not providing such images and charts publicly.

Hi @dmitry.s,

thank you for your reply. Before I burn hours, do you happen to know if running yeti-web, yeti-pg and yeti-sems in k8s are viable? Media server I dont need and is handled outside of the cluster. Would you happen to may have Dockerfiles, happy to build and host the images in my repos when they are not public availbe.

Thank you so much in advance aready.

There is no such component as media server in yeti. If you are planning to use some rtpproxy/rtpengine in front of sems - this is bad idea.

There are no problems to run yeti-web and postgresql in kubernetes. SEMS may be tricky - it depends on your networking layer.