Rerouting policies

Hi team.

The routing plan allows a maximum number of re-dials.

The system tries to connect the call according to the strategy in a gateway pool and will apply re-dial in case of certain disconnect codes.

The system handles a disconnect state manager which I find great, it allows me to modify the disconnect states and give more “friendly” responses to the clients.

It would be great if you could work on developing a selector of disconnect codes that are candidates for re-dial, all of this managed manually by the administrator.

For example:

SIP 404, no rerouting
SIP 402, no rerouting
SIP 503, rerouting

I leave you an image with the idea, taken from another system


It is not clear what do you mean. Why current rerouting configuration per disconnect code is not ok for you? There is stop hunting attribute in disconnect code to control rerouting.

Hi Dmitry

Thank you very much, I was looking for something like that, but I expected it in some menu related to routing.
It didn’t occur to me to check that section.