Routing Based On Destination


I am a bit confused here. I have a Customer A and 3 Vendors (X, Y and Z). Now i have created a gateway of the customer and uploaded the Destination and the Dialpeers of the Vendors.
Now what i need to do is. For example. If Customer A Sends call of United Kingdom (44) with 6744# prefix the whole number will be like this 6744#441788394847 so the UK Call should be terminated to Vendor X but i need to send calls to Vendor X with 0022 Prefix , and The Customer A will also send Australia with 6761# prefix and i want Australia to be terminated to Vendor Y and the prefix of Vendor Y is 1100 Prefix, So basically, i need to do the routing by customer’s prefix and then remove the customer prefix and send the call with the vendor’s prefix.

Is there any way to do this routing ? Routing as per Destination ?

You have to strip prefixes 6744 and 6761 at customer auth records(see ) . Vendor prefixes(0022 and 1100) can be added at termination gateways.

Currently, i am doing the same, but what i need is the customer’s prefix per destination.
for example. Vendor X and Y are offering A-Z rates, what i want is when the customer is sending 6744 it should go to X and 6761 it should go to Y, and each destination has their own prefix. how do i manage the prefix with destination ? I will need to create a new customer auth for each destination ?

Create two additional customers auth records with dst_prefix=6744 and dst_prefix=6761. Set different routing plans for each record. One routing plan should contain routes via Vendor X, other - via Vendor Y. You can use different routing groups for dialpeers of each vendor to simplify configuration.

Ok, basically i will need to create a new customer auth for all the destination with the different prefix, am i understanding this correctly ?

This is easiest way. Also you can assign dst numberlist to customer auth and tag your calls depends on prefix(and strip prefix at numberlist). Then it will be possible use tags for routing lookups.

Ok, i will need to read about the dst numberlist and routing tags first. I will try this and keep you posted.
Thank you for your help.