Sems load test, calls remain connected forever

Hello, I’m experiencing this issue when i do load test with sipp or live traffic.
Calls don’t terminate when closed by other leg and stay connected forever, also the 7200 seconds limit is not triggering the forced bye. When i try to disconnect calls manually they stays up and log says:

INFO: got JsonRpcError. code 404, message ‘call with local_tag: ‘1-445F1D9C-6274E611000A76E4-8BBFB700’ is not found’, data: ‘’, method:, id: CtEfnzN6mGDoQbbtvkHLHEkKZFxWt6IX, params: ‘[‘1-445F1D9C-6274E611000A76E4-8BBFB700’]’

This issue is more frequent if I activate monitoring for sip packets, like if the system is overloaded but htop says that every process is at 30% max.
The only way to clear these calls is restarting sems

My configuration is:
6 core 12 threads
64GB memory

it happens with loads above 1000 concurrent calls and 40 cps

is there a way to avoid this situation?
thanks a lot for your work!

it looks like a bug when active calls structure is not cleared after call disconnectiions. A lot of such problems already fixed in 1.12 branch(not publicly available because documentation is not ready)

Hi Dmitry, thanks a lot for your prompt reply!
Is there something I can do to test this new updates? Is this related to sems module or yeti-sems?
If you need some logs please tell me, I can’t see any error logged anywhere about this issue.

This issue is driving me crazy because I can’t use it on production machines, I would be very grateful if you can help me to find a fix.
Thanks again!

Oh, I think it’s related to sems because most of calls that exceed 7200 seconds are not stored on db, other calls remain connected until 7200 seconds and then disconnects. it happens only on high load. i just tested with a max of 500 concurrent calls, sip trace on an 30cps, it happened again. i think sems loose the local call tag in someway when calls are connecting or starting.
These frozen calls are active on termination side

yes, this is SEMS issue. actually there is no big difference, because we are using our SEMS fork, it very different from mainline version. So sems or sems-yeti-module - both in our responsibility.

Is there a way to test sems updates? I tried to compile master git branch of sems from your repo but it doesn’t work, during the compile process it crashes.
Thank you very much!

@roco check PM