SEMS node installation incorrect password

Hi guys,

I am setting up an environment with yeti but ran into an issue with starting the SEMS node.

When using ‘sems -E -D3’ I get the following result;
[3374/3402] [apps/sctp_bus/SctpClientConnection.cpp:180] INFO: SCTP_ASSOC_CHANGE: 13. remote:
[3374/3402] [apps/sctp_bus/SctpBus.cpp:321] DEBUG: process sctp send raw event request yeti -> 0:mgmt
[3374/3402] [apps/sctp_bus/SctpClientConnection.cpp:268] DEBUG: SEND sctp_bus event request 9:yeti/13 -> 0:mgmt seq: 1
[3374/3404] [core/AmThread.cpp:85] INFO: Thread 140668000417536 is starting.
[3374/3374] [yeti:cdr/TrustedHeaders.cpp:47] ERROR: pqxx_exception: FATAL: password authentication failed for user “yeti”
FATAL: password authentication failed for user “yeti”

[3374/3374] [yeti:cdr/TrustedHeaders.cpp:60] ERROR: can’t load trusted headers config

I’m not really sure where I should update the password.
I tried updating the CDR user password in /etc/yeti/system.cfg, unfortunately to no avail.

Can somebody point me in the correct direction? :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I had a typo in the password of the master and slave pool. :sleepy:

I’m continueing with the next error. :wink:
[2005/2005] [yeti:yeti.cpp:132] ERROR: timeout waiting yeti config via SCTP
[2005/2005] [yeti:SBC.cpp:148] ERROR: yeti configuration error

Update for others; it seemed that the schemas were incorrect.
I also had to enable serialize_dynamic_fields.

looks like your yeti-management daemon is not running

Could you just install system as described in manual ? You should not use default configuration files because they are not related to yeti. Only documentation contains valid configuration examples. also caused by using default config files instead of using examples from manual.