SIP switch for p2p webrtc dialer)

Dear all and everone. Im looking for solution to develop sip interconection for P2P (webrtc communicator).
Right now customers can call only within app (user to user). Users are registered with their mobile numnbers - account = E164 number).

We would like to add a feature to make outband (GSM / PSTN calls) from the app. My question is if Yeti can be considered as a softswitch for such solution.
Customer who purchases credit for calling, would have created secondary account on softswitch database - same as their primary account, whcih is mobile number.
Calls will be originated from customers over webrtc2sip gateway (WebRTC app -> WebRTC2SIP GW -> Yeti or another softswitch).

Is there an easy way on Yeti to authenticate customer account just by phone number ? All signaling will come from single source IP.
I have already went over admin options, but it looks like to achieve this, we would need to create separate auth rule for each account.
I would prefer to have it like one rule saying, match user caller ID with account name - one rule for thousands accounts.
Can somebody point me out at least some keywords to chose the right way to achieve my goal ? :slight_smile:

Currently you have to create separate customer auth record for each account.

DTLS can be handled on yeti so actually you don’t need WebRTC2SIP if you are using SIP signaling in your WebRTC app.

Thank you for your response. The first impression was that it will be difficult in management because all “layers” are separated, but after a while its quite simple and super flexible. All these task we need, can be automated.
I know that DTLS is supported, but webrtc “signaling” i our case will need translation anyway, currently it has nothing to do with SIP. This softswitch is really impressing

you also can use admin API to configuration auto provisioning