Transcoding results in distorted voice

Good morning,

Recently I had enabled G.722 as codec in the YETI softswitch (1.7.14).
I noticed that when it was transcoding from G.722 to e.g. G711(U/A) the sound would be distorted.
It appears as if the frequency of the audio is not correctly transcoded, thus skipping parts of the stream (if that makes sense) after which it sounds as if there’s massive distortion on the line.

As a result of this I reverted to the default codec group, assuming that G.722 was the issue, however, I also see cases now when transcoding from G711 to G726.

What is the best way to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you,

Multiple cases related to resampling was fixed in 1.8 branch. I would recommend to start from upgrading to 1.8

All right, I’ll give that a shot tonight. :wink: