Transition of P-Asserted-Identity

Hi all,

For a certain gateway I’d need to include the P-Asserted-Identity header.
How can I pass this through?

I have tried to add these to the ‘Transit headers from termination’, however, though I can see the PAI header being present on Leg A, it’s empty on Leg B.

You should set Transit headers from termination for both gateways - origination and termination

Hi my name is Valdenir and I’m working to finish a project with Yeti. I need to know if the problem with the SIP headers you managed to solve. I have a similar problem with P-Preferred Idenfify and I have to send this field but I don’t know where to set it. If you have documentation you can send.

It’s like Dmitry says, you’d have to enable transition of this header on both the origination gateway and termination gateway.

If you get a PCAP do you see the PAI?

@valdenir it described in our official documentation Headers filtering — Yeti documentation