Use a 2nd SEMS as Media Gateway

Hello Team
I am trying to use a 2nd SEMS installation as Media Gateway to 1st.

Server_1 – IP has Yeti and CDR DB, also has SEMS.
Server_2 – IP want to also install SEMS

I want a situation whereby ALL Signaling goes via Server_1 and c-line of SDP INVITE is,

But for some calls (say 50% or calls from a particular contractor), the c-line of SDP INVITE is

In effect, there is ONLY 1 Signalling Server (Server_1), but 2 Media Servers (Server_1 and Server_2)

Is this possible? Please what config do I need on both servers to achieve?

Could you describe use case for such mechanism? Why it can’t be solved by signaling load balancer(sip proxy)?

Thanks Dmitry
I guess a Load Balancer would solve the problem for the use case I had in mind.