Yeti switch as b2bua?

I am looking into which setup would be most interesting for a hybrid system.
what i want to do is:

  • terminate upstream trunks to yeti for inbound and outbound calls
  • terminate customer on-premises pbx to yeti (via vpn)
  • have yeti route the calls coming from upstream to the correct pbx
  • have yeti route the calls from the customer pbx to the upstream trunk

i.e.: i want yeti to be the only part outside of the customer network and the only part inside my own network. (so the calls would go: trunk - yeti - customer pbx without any other pbx or mediaserver in between)
i do not want yeti to touch anything other than the bare essentials and add rates to the calls coming in from the customer trunks.

i am assuming this is possible, but can anyone confirm? (and maybe give some advice pro/con on this setup?)

the other alternatives i am considering to implement are just terminating upstream trunks to customer PBXs or just throw it all in a cloud pbx setup instead of local or hybrid…)

thanks for reading.

edit: the biggest part of my question is basically: is this a good-use case for yeti or is it better to implement something possibly lighter (like sippy) or heavier (like opensips) to do these tasks.

Actually yeti was designed for such tasks. But may be it have more features that you need, I can’t say without details. Also I didn’t catch - do you need rating/billing logic or not?

Could you describe what features you expect from scheme pbx->(yeti/other b2bua)->upstream versus pbx->upstream. Usually yeti(or other b2bua) on the path add you some control on traffic(capacity limiting/billing/number translations/smart routing), helps with protocols interoperability(incompatible SIP behaviors, media transcoding). Especially yeti also have rich CDRs to simplify troubleshooting.

Hi dmitry, thank you for your response.

The idea is indeed to have (only) billing logic added and possibly concurrent call limiting.
everything else will be handled by the on-site PBX.

So looks like yeti will be good solution for you.