Yeti Upgrade / Migration

I am currently running version 1.9 on Debian 9. I would like to run the latest version 1.11 on Debian 10. From the docs, there’s the option to upgrade 1.10 then of course to 1.11 and there’s, of course, the Debian upgrade to 10. I am not sure this will be a smooth transition as this is a production system.
My other option is to install version 1.11 on Debian 10 and migrate the data. This sounds more practical with one big question. Can the data be migrated from 1.9 to 1.11?
How can I best achieve this (1.9 to 1.11) in the most seamless way possible?
All suggestions and short step-by-step directions are welcome.

yes. But I can’t say if such upgrade will be possible without downtime.

I can afford a scheduled downtime. How can I migrate the data?

or would this work ;

  1. database backup on 1.9,
  2. fresh 1.11 installed in Debian 10
  3. DB restore on 1.11

Is the database on 1.9 compatible with 1.11?
(Both routing and CDR databases in a single server)

You have to db apply migrations after database restore. Also due to pgq internals you have to bump epoch on new postgresql cluster - read Upgrade instructions — Yeti documentation